two bottles of professional liquid foundation, reusable mist foundation applicator, camisole, earrings and lace
Mineral Air is designed to be easy-to-use to create an effortless foundation in seconds. Follow directions, practice mixing shades to create your perfect match, and you’ll perfect how to use Mineral Air in no time.

Step 1 Make sure your device is charged! Charge it overnight and it’ll last 2-4 weeks depending on use.

Step 2 Remove the cap of the reservoir

Step 3 Shake your 4-in-1 Mineral Air foundation

Step 4 Open rubber lid

Step 5 Add 10-20 drops of foundation

Step 6 Close rubber lid

Step 7 Test spray for 1-2 seconds on a tissue

Step 8 Apply color in circular motions over face and neck until you reach your desired coverage.

And that’s it! With some practice and care, it’ll be as easy as 1-2-3!