two bottles of airbrush foundation, airbrush makeup device, necklace, earrings and purse

How your morning goes sets the tone for the rest of the day so make sure you’re getting everything you need done. Think about your current routine and then rethink how some things can be completed differently. Here are some ways you can cut down on wasted time:

  1. 1. Don’t hit snooze
    Avoid this trap at all costs! Snoozing not only takes away precious minutes from your morning routine but isn’t “real sleep”. Although you may think you’re getting more rest, snoozing will just make you more drowsy. Make it a habit to get out of bed right away and start your day.

  2. 2. Build a routine around efficiency
    There are always ways to be more efficient hidden in simple everyday tasks. For example, save time doing your makeup in the morning by choosing simple and multipurpose products that are easy to use. Our Mineral Air foundation can be applied in seconds to shave time off your morning routine.

  3. 3. Use a timer
    Do you ever find yourself taking too long for tasks you know could be done quickly? Use a timer so you know only to set a certain amount of time for you to get ready. For example, give yourself 30 minutes to brush your teeth, wash your face, and finish your makeup.

  4. 4. Prepare for your morning the night before
    There are simple things you can do at night to save time in the morning. Small things like showering at night, preparing breakfast so you only need to grab it on your way out, and laying out your clothes and accessories for the next day are all examples of how to prepare for your morning at night.