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It's always a good time to be a better version of yourself but there's just something amazing about the new year that makes us feel like anything is possible. It's important to remember all great habits start from small steps. So whatever your goals are for the new year, here are some small things we can all do to live our best lives!

1. Drink More Water

Drinking more water can't do you wrong! Make extra effort to carry around a reusable water bottle or always have a cup of water next to you at your desk. Instead of checking your phone or email whenever you're bored, take a sip of water and get back to work!

2. Be a Forever Student

No matter how long it's been since you've been in official schooling, we should all be forever students. This means dedicating time every week to learn something new. There are many ways to approach this such as learning a new skill whether it's for professional or personal use, reading a few pages of a book before sleeping every night, etc.

3. Say Bye to Things That Make You Unhappy

It's 2019 and we don't have room for things that bring negtivity in our life! Whether it's a toxic relationship, a horrible boss, or ill-fitting clothes, it's time to make room for things that will bring you happiness.

This tip aligns with the minimalist trend that is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. So think carefully... what is taking up too much mental space in your life?

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