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As the temperature changes from cold to brrrrrrrr, we all catch ourselves yearning for cozy winter aesthetics everywhere. From the little decorations at work to the huge decorations around the city, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to add a splash of holiday cheer to your personal space.

Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to amp up your home just in time for the holidays:

Fairy Lights

Bonus — these look great year round so if you’re too lazy to take them down once January comes around, no worries. Wrap them around your bed frame, your living room ceiling, or a random bookcase. Simple but oh so festive.

Throw Pillows

The fluffier and softer the better. Maybe add in a fleece throw blanket and you’ve got your cozy Netflix situation all figured out.


Plants make a huge difference in any home. Whether it’s a huge Christmas tree or small one made of tinsel, it can really add just the right amount of pizazz you’re looking for. Not interested in going all out? Create the same effect by adding tinsel to the houseplants you already have. Your cacti never looked so good.


Ahhh holiday scents... just the perfect thing to get everyone in the holiday mood. Find the scent that best fits you and your home to create a wonderful effect.