photo of Mineral Air airbrush makeup foundation bottles, airbrush makeup applicator, earbuds, sunglasses and swimsuit bottoms

Makeup doesn’t need to be difficult! An important step in finding the perfect beauty products for YOU is knowing and understanding your skin type. Here’s our handy guide to figure out yours if you’re not sure: How to Find Out Your Skin Type.

For our oily skin babes, makeup can be a little more daunting. The focus is on finding products that won’t amp up the oil production which may lead to acne and products that won’t act as a magnifying glass for already large pores.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for oil/acne prone skin:

Power to Powders
Mattifying powders are your friend! They not only lock in your very dutifully applied foundation but will help keep the oils at bay. Keep a powder compact in your bag for any touch ups throughout the day.

No Touch Makeup
Don’t underestimate how much bacteria can be on your hands or makeup products. One of the best things you can do for your face is to simply not touch it any time during the day. This includes when you’re applying your makeup. Dirty hands or makeup can lead to breakouts or worse!
Mineral Air flawlessly applies your foundation for an airbrushed look every time — without the need to touch your face! Simple spray on for your desired coverage and voila! Perfection.

Clean Your Brushes and Beauty Tools
On that note — if you truly truly need to touch your face when applying makeup, make sure that your tools are clean! Designate time at least every other week to cleanse and disinfect your makeup tools. All that build up is not cute! And it’ll only spread the bacteria onto your face.

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