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The holidays have the uncanny ability to bring out the best — and the worst — in us. It’s a time of great joy but between dealing with families, finances, and food, self care sometimes takes the backseat in the list of priorities.

This post is a little reminder to take a breather and love yourself in this hectic but wonderful time.


Tis’ the season to give thanks. Let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you. It’ll bring a smile to all parties involved and it can really keep you grounded. There’s so much to be grateful for! This includes health, family, friends, and much more.

Giving Back

In the midst of so much receiving, it’s just as important to give back to those that are less fortunate. With so many issues that need addressing in the world, take time to consider what matters to you and how you can help.


Don’t forget to give a little extra love to all around you this season but don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first. It’s completely ok to say no to plans and have a little staycation all to yourself.

And on that note, make an extra effort this season to do what brings you joy. You will thank the universe and the universe will most definitely thank you back.