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Don’t head to the store and be blinded by the endless options available! Narrow down which products are best for you by understanding your personal skin needs.

Do you have dry skin? Oily skin? A combination of both? What about acne? Dark spots? Sensitivity? The list goes on.

It can be confusing to understand your skin type, especially since it can fluctuate depending on weather, your level of care, and so many other factors.

Here’s how to determine your skin type:

Remove any makeup and wash your face. Don’t apply any type of products or touch your skin. Wait thirty minutes and check how your skin feels.

Normal – Face feels smooth with no dryness or excess shine.
Dry – Face feels tight and may have rough or dry patches.
Oily – Face feels slick and oily, especially in the t-zone. Pores are large and highly visible.
Combination – Face may have dry patches but t-zone is especially oily. This is the most common skin type.
Sensitive – Certain products can make sensitive skin be red, itchy, maybe even form rashes.

There you go! Now that you know your skin type, you can understand which beauty products work best for you. Here's a little guide for our oily/ acne prone skin types.