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1. Make your home as visitor friendly as possible

Leaving welcome notes, creating a kit of bathroom essentials, and adding little things like slippers, candles, etc to the guest room can make the biggest difference in your guests’ experience.

2. Prepare or cook as many things as you can beforehand

Time is of the essence. The best part of hosting is being able to spend time with friends and loved ones! Create as much time as possible for you to spend with guests by putting in the work before they arrive. Automate anything you can and delegate tasks to others. Don’t make the mistake of spending the whole time cooking or cleaning after people’s messes.

3. Have clear and reasonable house rules

This includes having set start and end times for the length of your visitors’ stays. Whether you’re hosting game night or housing your distant relatives for a weekend, it’s important to be respectful but still create boundaries.

4. Have snacks and drinks readily available at all times

Your guests will be on the hunt for snacks, coffee, tea, etc. Make it easy for them by making them readily available in their rooms or in the pantry. Add a seasonal flair to make it extra special.

5. Always make time for yourself

There’s always going to be a million things on your mind as a hostess. Don’t forget to take deep breaths and ask for help if needed!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from the Mineral Air team!