• Device + Charging Cord
    Mineral Air uses advanced air flow technology which allows for a soft yet precise mist over the skin that feels like air. The unique application only takes seconds to use and rids the need for bacteria-full sponges or brushes. Designed to be used with Mineral Air makeup.
  • Mineral Air Reservoir*

    *Reservoir Head (Mineral Air Airbrush sold seperately)

    Mineral Air Reservoir: Enjoy the convenience of a second Reservoir Head for use with your Mineral Air Airbrush (Airbrush sold separately) to switch back and forth between your Foundation and Blush or share your device more easily with other household members who might require a different Mineral Air Foundation shade.

    • No-spill cap is perfect for traveling
    • Holds up to 5 applications at a time
    • Reservoirs are interchangeable and snap on and off easily
    • Designed to be used with Mineral Air 4-in-1 Foundation and Mineral Air Touchless Blush
  • Airbrush Cleaner

    Specially formulated to dissolve Mineral Air cosmetics. Clean your Mineral Air device regularly to get the best results.


    1. 1. Detach the reservoir from your Mineral Air device.
    2. 2. Fill the reservoir about halfway with the cleaning solution.
    3. 3. Close the rubber lid and cover the hole on top of the lid with a tissue to prevent leakage.
    4. 4. Shake the reservoir 10 times or so.
    5. 5. Reattach the reservoir to your Mineral Air device and press the button repeatedly, pausing for about a second each time to clear out the cleaning solution.
    6. 6. *If the solution is not spraying out, detach the reservoir and shake it again.
    7. 7. Continue pressing the button until the reservoir has been completely emptied.
  • Bronzer & Brush Duo
    Give yourself a contoured cheek bone with this bronzer and brush duo. The natural formula is made without any parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes and it's soft and lightweight so you can wear it everyday or for a night out. Pair with Only Minerals Highlighter for a perfect contour.

    Available colors:

  • ONLY MINERALS Double Ended Eye Shadow Brush

    The wide brush end easily sweeps eye shadow onto the eyelid. The smaller brush end allows you to detail, highlight and apply liner shadow. Perfect for applying Only Minerals Eye shadows and Eyeliner. 



    Synthetic fibers.

  • ONLY MINERALS 2-in-1 Brow & Liner Brush

    This double-ended brow and liner brush is designed to apply brow and eyeliner powders. The short, angled brush head creates precise shape and definition of product while the spooley brush allows to blend. Perfect for applying Only Minerals Brow and Eye liner powder.



    Synthetic fibers.


    A firm lip brush that offers precision application.



    Synthetic fibers.