Top professional makeup artists weigh in about how much they love Mineral Air and why.

“For me, the convenience of the product is a plus! It takes seconds to apply, the color is so natural, and it feels like my skin can breathe. Finally, make-up that does not feel like make-up!

– Tammy A.

“I’ve never used a more intuitive and easy airbrush in my life. I’m so picky with air brushes and this one is amazing. I’m surprised that I feel comfortable recommending this to professionals and consumers alike. It’s also super easy to travel with in my kit. Blown away.

– Jamie D.

 ”I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE airbrush and the makeup!!!  It’s phenomenal!!!

– Nicole S.

“The makeup was amazing and the mobility of the mineral air was perfect for location shoots.

– Judith C.

“The device is so easy to use, small, super fast and the finish of the foundation is flawless. Most airbrush foundation has the finish of paint, this is flawless, luminous and actually looks like skin.

– Michael B.

“I have been using Mineral Air for a month and it has truly been life changing. With age my skin has changed, and I have tried every foundation known to man with no luck. With Mineral Air not only has my skin completely changed for the better, but I LOVE how my face looks!!

– Christine





Mineral Air’s Four-in-One Foundation acts as primer, mineral foundation, concealer, hydrator yet is still lighter than traditional powders or liquids.